Connected Car, MVRM, and Approved Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is MVRM?

A. MVRM is an acronym for “Member Vehicle Relationship Management”.  MVRM is the next phase in the member-centric vision of moving from a reactive to proactive member strategy.  It is based on a designed set of specific processes that obtains data about members’ vehicles, collectively ties the data all together by Member and vehicle, and enables AAA to provide a seamless, proactive vehicle ownership experience to our Members.  

Q. What is Connected Car?

A. Connected Car is a coined phrase that is used to describe a vehicle that is connected and transmits data in some form or fashion to and/or from another entity and/or device, most commonly the internet.  This could be through onboard cellular transmission, through blue tooth and Smartphone connection, or by transmitting the vehicle’s data through a third party process, which AAA is currently in the process of implementing as our connected car strategy for repair data. 

Q. What kind of data is collected and used?

A. Emergency Road Service Events and Vehicle Repair and Service Transactions are the main data elements used for MVRM.   

Q. How is the data obtained and where is it stored for analysis?

A. Emergency Road Service data is obtained from our Road Service Dispatch systems, D3 and Campana. Vehicle repair and maintenance service data will be obtained from Approved Auto Repair and Club Owned Repair Shops, most likely using a third party for that connection.  Whether the main operating system or a third party system is used for data retrieval, the data will be transmitted to a main database, called the Repair Data Hub, through secure and encrypted channels.  The Repair Data Hub resides on a server in the National Office Data Center. 

Q. What specific data does AAA need for MVRM?

A. From Emergency Road Service Events, we only need the date of the service, type of service, reason for the service, and results of the service.  From vehicle service and maintenance events, there are short  series of elements required around the types of service, labor, parts, cost, and discounts.  These data elements are specific to the vehicle and the service and contain no personally identifiable information about the customer whatsoever.   

Q. What exactly is AAA going to do with the data?

A. AAA will use the data to carry out our MVRM strategy as previously mentioned. AAA will also use data for predictive analytics for the benefit of members, AAR facilities, call center activities, roadside services, and the automotive industry in general. First and foremost, however, , the data will be used to maintain compliance with program standards and administer Customer Satisfaction Indexes.   

Q. Will AAA be obtaining data from all of the shops’ customers?

A.No.Unless the facility decides to enroll in an enhanced product that may be offered, only member data will be used.   

Q. Will the data be used to expand the AAA Club Owned Repair business?

A.No. AAA already has all of the contact information about our members. Since we are not requesting non-member data or PII information, shops can be assured of this. 

Q. How is the data protected?

A.All data transmissions are done through secure channels and it is all stored on secure, encrypted servers. Strict Privacy Policies are adhered to and all data is PII compliant.  AAA has random audits on our data policies and processes and we have never failed one yet.  Additionally, the shops’ interests will be protected through the Approved Auto Repair contract.  The contract will clearly define the data being obtained and the intended use. 

Q. How can shops be certain that AAA won’t misuse the data?

A.Since there will be no personally identifiable information collected, it would be virtually impossible for AAA to use the data for anything other than its intended use.