B2Q Battery Tester Information

  • B2Q APP Update

    B2Q has released a new version of the B2QScan V2.1.7577 for both Android and iOS users.

    This latest release includes improvements to the built-in messaging capability. As well as a Fix for the sync delays that may occur when a location scans a VIN with previous test history at another location, or that may occur due to special character inputs.

  • B2Q Tester Step-by-Step Guide

    B2Q Battery Tester Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow this in-depth guide to walk you through performing a test with the B2Q tester. This pdf is also available for download.

  • B2Q Tester Screen Explanation Guide

    B2Q Tester Screen Explanation Guide

    The tester is designed to function as both a standalone service lane tester, and in combination with B2QScan software for more advanced test details, recommendations and data management. This guide will help you interpret the screens displayed by the tester. Please note the Eink display has persistence, meaning that if you disconnect the tester from the battery, the last screen displayed will persist even without energy supplied to the tester. This is convenient especially when performing tests in hazardous or harsh conditions, or in adverse lighting conditions. In those cases, the tester may be disconnected while it is displaying the QR test code, then scanned with the B2QScan app in more favorable locations, such as a mobile battery service vehicle cabin.

  • Log in to B2Q

    B2Q Test Portal Login Page

    Visit this link to sign in to the B2Q Test Portal. Diagnose more frequently, more quickly, and more accurately. Communicate results immediately with confidence inspiring clarity and transparency. Measure performance - Data becomes information and drives behavior. Fast and routine testing finds more batteries before they fail delighting customers and driving sales. Manage service - Integrated and shared data enables your technicians to quickly and accurately manage after-sales service, saving time and reducing unnecessary expense.

    If you need help with your sign in credentials, please contact your Field Rep

  • B2Q Tester Site

    B2Q Technologies website

    This new B2Q tester harnesses the accuracy of the most powerful ohmic test circuit in the industry to deliver a new level of simplicity and capability to digital battery testing at blazing fast speeds.

    Visit the B2Q Technologies webiste for comprehensive information about the tester.

  • B2Q YouTube Channel

    B2Q Technologies YouTube Channel

    B2Q Technologies has 3 informational videos listed on their YouTube channel. You can watch short videos: "B2Q in 45 econds", "The B2Q battery testing procedure" and "The B2Q battery testing solution overview".