Battery Program FAQs

The AAA Battery Service is a significant element of the AAA road service experience. It is a way to differentiate our road service offering and a means to achieve our objective to keep members on the go.

Perhaps the most important benefit from offering the AAA Battery Service is that both member satisfaction and member retention are higher for members who experience the battery service.


What is AAA Battery Service's relationship with Club Assist?
AAA Battery Service is the service created to assist members' battery needs. There are two AAA Battery Service suppliers, Interstate and Club Assist. Club Assist is the association's preferred supplier. Club Assist provides an established distribution network with successful inventory controls, leveraged buying power for quality batteries, proven operating procedures and guidelines, exclusive testing equipment, and assists the clubs with implementing and administering the AAA Battery Service.

How do service providers benefit?

  • Increased call volume and revenue
  • Diversification of revenue
  • Enhanced AAA affiliation, branding and visibility
  • Competitive edge

How much does it cost to provide AAA Battery Service?
All AAA/CAA clubs provide the Battery Service per Automotive Quality Standard #14. The costs will vary among service providers. The Club's designated Battery Manager and Club Assist will provide a breakdown of the costs in customized deployment plans. The deployment plan will include service technician center/dispatch, initial inventory, and the deposit for lease of the battery tester hardware. The initial start-up fee to the third party contractor or club-owned fleet is approximately $3,100. This figure will vary according to the number of vehicles deployed.

How many battery service vehicles are required to run the service?
The appropriate number of vehicles varies depending on the population density, membership penetration and other demographics of the club territory.

What is the name on the battery?
The battery is prominently branded with the AAA logo.

Where are the batteries manufactured?
The batteries are manufactured in the United States by East Penn Manufacturing, Co. Inc. under Club Assist's strict quality standards.

Is the price of the battery competitive?
Yes, the price of the battery as part of a value-added program is very competitive when consideration is given that the price includes a quality product, testing, diagnosis, installation and recycled disposal. The added convenience of the mobile point of service and the nationwide warranty coverage, backed by the AAA name are further enhancements. An awareness brochure is available to members, which clearly describes the benefits of utilizing the AAA Battery Service expertise for battery replacement. In addition, AAA members' price is $25 or 16 percent below the non-member price.

How are the batteries distributed to the service provider?
Batteries are delivered from local distribution centers on minimum orders of 10 units within 24 hours of placing the order. In the case where the battery order would be less than 10 units, there may be a service fee assessed for delivery. The service provider may opt to order battery inventory and pick it up at the distribution center during regular business hours. Club Assist also will seek new relationships with local battery distributors to ensure convenient proximity to clubs and service providers.

Is the battery warranty nationwide?
The warranty of all AAA/CAA branded batteries is honored throughout the United States and Canada.

Is the warranty competitive?
Yes, batteries sold through the AAA Battery Service program offer an industry competitive – 3-year free replacement warranty on the entire line of batteries. The 72-month warranty includes 36-month free replacement warranty and a 36-month pro-rata warranty.

What if a member who has purchased a battery through the AAA Battery Service travels into a club territory that is not offering the mobile battery service and requests battery assistance?
At the point of sale, a warranty/invoice jacket is attached to the invoice and the warranty documentation. The (800) AAA HELP number is listed on the warranty/invoice jacket. In most cases, this toll-free number will be routed to the nearest servicing club for emergency road service. The telephone number 888-912-6678 which routes to the Heathrow SUPERNUMBER Call Center will be listed on the battery and on the warranty documentation so that buyers can learn details about obtaining battery warranty reimbursement. NOTE: SUPERNUMBER will not quote detailed pro-rated warranty price reimbursements. Only the AAA Battery Service providers and suppliers have a detailed price list for pro-rated warranty reimbursements. In this case, SUPERNUMBER will refer the member to Club Assist at 888-466-6344 M-F 8:00 - 5:00 EDST. For complete details on the "Out of Territory Warranty" procedures click here.

I s there compatibility between Approved Auto Repair (AAR) and the AAA Battery Service?
Repair facilities account for only .5 percent of the battery market as opposed to the mass merchandisers, which account for more than 45 percent. This equates to very little, if any, impact to AAR facilities. In addition, the AAR facilities report a positive impact from referrals received of more serious problems such as charging systems and vehicle drains that are detected by the Auto Test diagnostic equipment used by the AAA Battery Service. When the mobile battery tester determines that the battery needs to be recharged, members are often referred to an AAR facility. In addition, most Club Owned Repair facilities provide their members the opportunity to purchase AAA Battery Service batteries.

How many clubs are participating in the AAA Battery Service?
Currently all AAA clubs participate in the AAA Battery Service program; and all CAA clubs participate in the CAA Battery Assist program.

Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA Hawaii, AAA New Mexico, AAA Texas, AAA Alabama, AAA Missouri and AAA Tidewater all utilize Interstate as their battery supplier.

All AAA clubs not mentioned above and all CAA clubs utilize preferred supplier Club Assist as their battery supplier.