ERS Contractor Updates

  • Table Issues
    IMPORTANT:Network-wide Tablet Issue March 6, 2018

    We are currently working through a few challenges pertaining to ERS tablets and their function. We believe we have resolutions for the issues and are working closely with our IT department. For now, the most critical concern is keeping each tablet powered up and charging continuously.

    The ERS Mobile App must remain "live" in order for notifications to be received.

  • Table Issues
    IMPORTANT:Network-wide Tablet Issue- March 2, 2018

    As a result of the most recent tablet upgrade, an issue has surfaced that may affect your ability to receive AAA calls.

    To prevent this from occurring, the driver must periodically check the tablet and always click refresh anytime the device comes out of sleep mode.

  • Bicycle program update
    Bicycle Service Coverage Policy

    As part of our continuing efforts to maintain AAA Western and Central New York's high level of member satisfaction and to highlight the value of AAA membership, we are happy to announce a new Member benefit!

    Key program points:
    - This road service benefit will be provided in all areas of the Club by all of our contract facilities
    - All bicycle calls will be paid at the same rate as a vehicle service call
    - This road service benefit will be provided to the member in accordance with their level of membership and at the same service parameters as a vehicle road service call
    - Bicycle service calls will be tow/transport calls for bicycle and member no OTG opportunities.
    - Call clearing codes and instructions can be found here

  • Rusty Spare Warning
    Rusty or Corroded Spare Wheel Installation

    AAA has recently experienced an increase in damage complaints related to rusty or corroded spare tire assemblies being installed on member's vehicles.

    It is of the utmost importance to properly inspect all spare wheel assemblies prior to installation. Please contact your Field Rep if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Walk-in policy update
    Walk-in Policy and Facility Request Policy Update

    As part of our continuing efforts to maintain AAA Western and Central New York's high level of member satisfaction, we would like to clarify several points regarding calls for members who:
    - Walk into a facility in need of service
    - Are encountered roadside in need of service
    - Contact AAA to request a certain provider.

    While we recognize a very limited number of circumstances for which a member may contact a facility directly for service, we will no longer allow "walk-ins" to be called in by a service provider.
    Members must contact AAA directly at 1-800-AAA-HELP to place a road service request.

    We will no longer process a member request for a specific facility to provide service. This type of request has a negative impact on our Service Provider Network and overall coverage plan. All requests for service will be dispatched to the facility contracted to provide service in the area.

    We will be re-enforcing these items, effective today, and your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated. It is critical in ensuring the long term viability and growth of our External Road Service Network.

    We understand that in certain, limited cases a direct member request may be unavoidable, such as police ordered calls or possibly during extreme weather events. For these situations, please contact your ERS Field Rep directly and they will work with you on proper payment submission for these calls.

    Please click on the image to download the full communication. Thank you.

  • ERS Tablet Phone App Update
    ERS Tablet and Phone App Update

    The following opportunity is available to all Contracted ERS Facilities within the AAA WCNY Network. If you are interested in receiving all calls on an AAA supplied tablet, please be sure to read the full text of this communication.

  • ERS Call Payment Update
    ERS Call Payment Update

    The following information affects all Contracted ERS Facilities within the AAA WCNY Network. If you are in receipt of this communication, this change may affect your payments from AAA WCNY. Please be sure to carefully review the full text of this communication, as this update is effective 01 May 2016. You will have until that date to clear any open calls. Any calls that remain open after 01 May 2016 will be paid at a base rate.

  • ERS Service Animal Update
    ERS Service Animal Update

    As the use of "service animals" may be on the rise in many communities, this is a good time to share some of the more relevant information that should answer any questions you may have regarding you responsibilities.