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    Waze Roadside Help Button Goes Live

    Waze launched functionality within its crowd-sourced, navigation app that allows Wazers to connect to emergency roadside assistance providers directly from the Waze app.

    AAA and CAA are among the providers listed in the Waze Roadside Help Button. The inclusion of AAA in the app is a meaningful first step in delivering against our Strategic Partnership Engagement Strategy by aligning with third parties to broaden the number channels through which AAA members can access AAA services. The AAA presence in the Waze app further helps to build brand relevance in our members' everyday lives, engaging members where they may logically expect AAA to have a presence and providing an enhanced level of digital convenience in the way members engage with AAA.

    The Waze Help Button has two levels of participation by ERS providers: 1) a pay-to-play branded sponsorship reserved for one brand and 2) a non-paid ERS provider listing. You may have seen that Allstate announced their Good Hands Rescue service as the paid sponsor within the Waze app. They are offering an all-digital user experience. According to our Public Affairs team, the Allstate announcement has had very little pick-up. As such, we do not plan a stand-alone press release as we would prefer not to inadvertently boost the Allstate coverage. However, we will plan to speak to our connection with Waze as part of our broad year-end press release currently scheduled for release on December 14th. Promotion of the Waze channel to members should be determined at the Club level.

    AAA is the first of 25 options on the non-paid ERS provider list (alphabetical listing). All of the providers on this list are accessed through click-to-call. For AAA and CAA, there will be a toll-free number dedicated specifically to the Waze channel so that we can monitor usage. This number will follow the same operational processes as the 1-800-AAA-Help number directing calls to the appropriate Club based upon the caller's GPS location. Any non-member calls that might come through this channel should be handled the same way that individual Clubs currently handle non-member calls from any other channel.

    For more information, contact your Field Representative.

  • ST Code Info

    IMPORTANT: ST Code Announcement

    The new ST code is used when a second tow is authorized by AAA. When clearing a call with ST as a handling code, you MUST enter NC in the clearing in addition to any other codes necessary for proper payment.

    For more information, contact your Field Representative.