ERS Procedures & Reminders

  • HireRight Background Checks

    This is a reminder to update background checks through HireRight annually for yourself and all employees that have contact with AAA members.

    As stated in your service provider contract: Contractor agrees to conduct pre-employment background checks, as well as perform annual background checks for existing employees, through an independent third party, web based background check organization, for any individual involved in rendering AAA/CAA emergency road service. (Including but not limited to third-party contractor owners, dispatchers, drivers and service technicians assigned by Contractor to provide any service pursuant to this contract).



    Note: If you have not used the site in a while, you will need to update your password. If you need assistance please contact your AAA Field Representative.

  • Clear Codes Cheat Sheet

    The full list of clear codes is now available to view online. They are also printable.

  • Web Clearing Reminder

    Clear all calls in less than 10 days. It is the only way for you to see the call payment information prior to receiving your facility payment log.